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Family Advocacy

At INTEMPO, we take the whole child into account. Our role in our students’ lives extends beyond their music lessons and into other aspects of their development, through family advocacy services that focus on our students’ academic and socioemotional needs. A vital safety net, our family advocacy services help families play informed and supportive parts in their children’s education, by ensuring that they understand their children’s challenges and are connected to school administrators, teachers, and others who can ameliorate issues as they arise.

Music Education and Literacy

Our programs foster children’s reading and language skills by building on the connection between learning how to read music and play an instrument and literacy. For our Music School students who struggle with literacy, we provide free one-on-one tutoring, focusing on core skills, including fluency, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, comprehension, decoding, and encoding. Currently, this initiative is limited to 10 students.

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