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Songwriting Workshop

This program features a professional songwriter who composes a song with the students during the workshop. The participants are surveyed in advance on a variety of subjects, and we use that information to collectively write a unique song for the group.

Participants leave with a fundamental understanding of music structure, rhythm, and interpretation. They feel a sense of ownership for their collective creation and an appreciation for what they can accomplish together.

Sample Lyrics

*Uses standard/basic guitar chords to fit the participants’ age range and ability

Music to me is just like a dream - G D A
Warms my heart and brings me peace - G D A
Coming together makes us happy - G D
We bring joy to the world - G A
Music means I can be free - G D A D

We come to sing and play our songs - A G D
And at camp we have fun - A G D
We always work hard - G D
And practice everyday - G A
Together we learn, together we play - G D A

Music to me...

Looking ahead, we’ll make new friends - A G D
Be successful and always dance - A G D
Sometimes it gets hard - G D
It’s ok to be scared - G A
Our musical family is always there - G D A

Music to me...

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