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Audio Production Instructor

Mario De Jesus, known professionally as MarioSo, is a seven-time American and Latin American
Grammy-winning recording engineer and producer whose influential mixing style has been called “the
revolutionary sound of the urban music genre.” With well over 20 Grammy nominations and counting,
he has worked alongside some of the most eminent musicians of our times, among them Wisin &
Yandel, Jen Carlos Canela, Bjork, Christina Aguilera, DJ Nelson, DLG, and Ricky Martin.
MarioSo’s love of music dates to his early years living in the Bronx, NY, when he walked into a recording
studio for the first time. The mixing board, samplers, and reel-to-reel equipment fascinated him. His ear
for music and curiosity about studio equipment led him to Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, where he
studied audio engineering. After graduating, he landed his first job in the most coveted hip hop studio of
the early 90’s, Chung King, known as the “Abbey Road” of hip-hop. Shortly thereafter he became an
assistant engineer for salsa giant Sergio George. He was quickly promoted to recording engineer and
then Chief Engineer. It was in collaboration with the legendary Sergio George that he won his first Latin
and American Grammy for the album “La Negra Tiene Tumbao,” with the illustrious Celia Cruz.

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