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Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Business Officer
Bullis School
Potomac, MD

Tracy S. Harris served as Chief Financial Officer of the BondFactor Company and has over 20 years of career experience in financial management. With experience that spans public, private and nonprofit sectors, Tracy possesses a unique insight on how to drive structural, fiscal and cultural changes that not only improve bottom-line profitability, but also better align an organization’s systems and capabilities with its long-term vision and strategic goals. Tracy is a Co-Founder of the Global Alliance for Outer Space Development and is an active supporter of cultural endeavors. She serves as Treasurer for National Arts Strategies, and is on the board of the Cultural Development Corporation where she co-chairs the annual CUDA fundraising gala. She holds an MBA in management, a master’s degree in public administration and an undergraduate degree in marketing. Tracy was selected as the 2010 Ralph and Janice James Fellow at the Harvard Business School’s General Management Program.

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